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As a frequently used writing service, we often get requests for a professional thesis statement help. That’s why we have decided to create a service that would be dedicated to it entirely. Here, you will find out how the statement writing process is organized here at To top it off, you’ll get answers to the most frequently asked questions our customers ask today.

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What do we understand by a thesis statement? A thesis statement is an answer to the research question you have posed. This answer should be further backed up by thoroughly researched and evaluated arguments to persuade your reader that it is, in essence, a true and exhaustive answer to the question asked.

How do I write my thesis statement?

The most appropriate way to write your statement is to start with the research question and actually answer it.


“What are benefits of using computer-enhanced teaching methods in primary school?”

The thesis that you can come up with ma be like this: “Computer-enhanced teaching in primary school increases productivity of learning and gives students an early access to achievements of technological progress.”

You’ll further elaborate on your answer and provide arguments to support it.

Are there different ways to do my thesis statement?

You should take into account that there exist 3 types of statements:

  • Analytical statements, where you divide a phenomenon into parts to better explain it.
  • Expository statements, which is supposed to contain a didactic focus.
  • Argumentative statements, where you should make a claim or support an opinion to make your readers change their minds, should they think differently.

The appropriate type of a thesis statement is selected based on the type of research question you pose, as well as the general purpose of your paper.

Tips to write a great statement:

  • Take a narrow stance to make your thesis more focused and detailed.
  • Find new approach, bringing new arguments to light.
  • You should support your thesis using sufficient arguments.
  • Your statement should debatable. If everyone agrees with your statement, there is no point in proving it.
  • Choose definitive language and tone to make your statement stand out.
  • Your statement should be in the first paragraph. It should be at the end of it as people are likely to look for it there.
  • Limit your statement to one or two sentences.

How is the process organized when I ask you to write my thesis statement for me?

The process of brainstorming does not differ significantly from what you would do yourself. An expert receives your requirements, including the topic, and starts exploring the topic to create a thesis that will check all boxes. If writing is not your strong suit, why not rely on our experts and save time and efforts?

Would you like to take it up a notch and get a custom thesis?

It often happens when a client who has ordered a statement here goes the full way and orders a custom thesis. It makes sense. Besides, such a decision has many benefits to it. The writer that has developed your statement already has an idea in mind of how to support it with arguments. That’s why we encourage you to continue working with your author and get other kinds of help. Here is what else we can do for you:

  • Write a chapter of your dissertation. Is methodology giving you nightmares? Leave it to us!
  • Editing your draft. Let’s say you have written a part of your dissertation but you feel it doesn’t fit with others. One of our writers will be glad to ensure the consistency by editing.
  • Forget about mistakes – we’ll take care of them so that no types and wrong punctuation could distract your readers from the excellent point you are making.
  • Crafting the entire project from beginning to end. If you want to devote more time to your career or family, we’ll be glad to write all chapters of your thesis.

We are here to provide you with a winning thesis. Let it be a pleasant surprise to anyone who’ll be reading it! Whatever the help you want to get from us we will provide it.  Place your order now and we’ll assign one of the best writers to work on it!