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Depending on your topic, we assign a qualified writer with a Doctorate degree in your research field. All our writers are skilled in dissertation writing, assisting you with topics across 50+ subjects, no matter their complexity.
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We meet your dissertation word count by writing a cohesive, research-based dissertation relying on acknowledged sources and spot-on analysis. AI use is strictly prohibited, and the order is verified for 100% originality.
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Our comprehensive support is tailored to your dissertation progress plan. Together, we develop the most suitable writing schedule to ensure your dissertation chapter deadlines are met with enough time to revise & edit.
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Our dissertation writing help continues until the final approval. You have 30 days of unlimited revisions from your writer to receive edits based on your supervisor’s or thesis committee's comments.
100% private cooperation takes full responsibility for providing customers with secure and confidential journeys, following a strict NDA.
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Provide your writing samples, and the writer will imitate your writing style to ensure it aligns with other dissertation chapters.
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The extensive experience of our writers allows quick delivery of any dissertation chapter at any writing stage you’re stuck at.

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Whether you're doing qualitative, quantitative, or mixed-method research or need help deciding between the methods, our writers can implement the most appropriate methodology, ensuring it is coherent, relevant, and in line with your study objectives. has writers specializing in different study areas. To name a few:
Health Sciences and Nursing
Business and Management
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Social and Political Sciences
English, Literature, Philology
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Get help writing dissertation at any stage

Whether you’re just starting to explore your research opportunities or at the final writing stages, we are keen to contribute to your dissertation’s success.
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Quantitative data analysis
Qualitative data analysis
Statistical power analysis
Discussion chapter
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Topic suggestion
Select the most appropriate topic for your dissertation.
Discuss your interests and research aspirations with a writer.
Use a private chat or request a callback to brainstorm ideas.
Writer will evaluate the existing literature on your topics of interest.
Developing a research aim and problematization.
Upon your approval, we write and send you a purpose section.
Research proposal
Get your research proposal approved from the first application.
A shortly summarized overview of your selected research topic.
Writing problematization, research question, and research aim.
Showing the topic’s significance through literature gaps.
Rough dissertation methodology planning.
Estimating an approximate budget and schedule.
Literature review
Writing a literature review using your sources or finding new ones.
Using only credible and acknowledged databases.
Defining key themes, scope, and aim.
Recording and organizing relevant literature.
Evaluating selected sources and structuring dissertation outline.
Writing a review following the established format for dissertations.
Choosing a methodology that will help writing dissertation of excellent validity.
Designing a coherent and fitting research framework.
Deciding between qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methodology.
Determining a suitable sampling process and criteria.
Choosing the right data collection methods and data analysis plan.
Checking adherence to ethical standards.
Quantitative data analysis
Get help with numerical data analysis of any type for your dissertation.
Ensuring accuracy in your dataset and choosing the appropriate strategy.
Summarizing data with any statistical analysis software: SPSS, SAS, STATA, etc.
Conducting hypothesis testing, regression analysis, ANOVA, MANCOVA, etc.
Visualizing numerical data with charts, graphs, and tables.
Interpreting results through cohesive and clear findings' explanation.
Qualitative data analysis
Team up with a professional qualitative researcher for accurate analysis.
Applying a suitable qualitative method, i.e., narrative inquiry, content analysis, thematic analysis, phenomenology, discourse analysis, grounded theory, etc.
Analyzing any type of data, i.e., structured or semi-structured interviews, interviews, focus groups, etc.
Using credible software for analysis (NVivo, ATLAS.ti, Dedoose, and MAXQDA).
Determining sample size and scope of your dissertation study.
Preparing and transcribing interview data.
Statistical power analysis
We can check if the sample size is sufficient for statistical relevancy.
Ensuring the statistical relevancy of your study, no matter the type or scope.
Conducting a priori or post hoc power analysis.
Defining a suitable statistical test beforehand.
Conducting an efficient yet realistic pilot study that fits your research.
Applying structural equation modeling for highly complex psychometric cases.
Discussion chapter
Interpret and understand your dissertation results from the point of view of relevant literature.
Synthesizing your research with initial problematization.
Advising on potential extensions for future research.
Discussing the implications and limitations of your results.
Differentiating the core elements of your dissertation.
Clarifying your choice of methodology.
Explaining how your dissertation filled the research gap.
Revision help
PhD-level pros will meticulously examine your dissertation, offering constructive feedback.
Thorough dissertation evaluation, with a special focus on methodology and results.
Ensuring your document is precise and aligned with the initial study’s objectives.
Providing detailed feedback throughout the text.
Evaluating the accuracy of the methods used and accurate interpretation of results.
Confirming your dissertation research questions are clear and testable.
Editing and proofreading
Reviewing your dissertation draft to polish it to perfection.
Checking universal grammar and spelling compliance.
Reviewing academic writing style and formatting guidelines.
Suggesting alternatives to enhance word choice, tone, and flow.
Ensuring proper structure and organization of your dissertation.
Editing and re-writing for better consistency and clarity of ideas.
Verifying all citations and references.
Boost your confidence and defend your dissertation with flying colors.
Designing a presentation from scratch.
Highlighting the main points of your dissertation.
Demonstrating methodology and results in a clear yet brief manner.
Writing speech notes to guide you through the presentation process.
Enriching your presentation with appropriate visuals, charts, and graphs.
Journal article help
Want to see your dissertation published in a reputable journal? Let’s improve your chances!
Revising your dissertation to ensure it meets the journal’s selection requirements.
Editing your dissertation to meet the appropriate format and criteria.
Suggesting valuable improvements to the content of your dissertation.

Writing a dissertation with a dedicated academician by your side

We are a team of vetted academic writers, statisticians, quantitative and qualitative researchers, and analysts.
Every writer has a Ph.D.
Native speakers who have doctorate degrees - physicians, scientists, researchers, analysts - in different subject areas with a detailed understanding of doctoral research peculiarities. You and your dissertation will have all-encompassing attention from a qualified writer from the beginning till the final approval.
Fastidious writer recruiting
Writers’ hiring process is multi-stage and mission impossible for candidates who don’t meet the criteria. We check their background, ensuring a Ph.D. and hands-on experience in custom dissertation writing. After verifying writing samples of previous academic work, successful candidates pass a trial assignment to showcase their writing and research skills.
From best available to premium writers
As a professional dissertation writing service, we let customers choose the most suitable assistance type based on their needs and budget means. There are 3 types of writers, and all of them have doctorate degress but different experiences. The best available writer has 3+ years, top writer has 4-5 years of experience, and premium writer has six and more.
Ranking based on customer feedback
Customer voices are always heard and appreciated. We continuously monitor the ratings received by writers to ensure a top dissertation writing service that lives up to quality standards and client expectations. Writers whose rating decreases below 4.8/5 are placed under supervision until further HR assessment.

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I got qualitative analysis service, requested Atlas and 5 day delivery. Done timely, the interviews were thematically analyzed.
Writer #370328
Pired expert for literature review and was pleased with the result. I received a well written chapter, good selection of sources!
Writer #409392
Business & Management
Had the special pleasure working with a writer whose knowledge and commitment to quality standards are honourable. I like this writing dissertation service.
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Quick and simple. No extra fees; pay and get the job done. I ordered statistical power analysis and it was done up to the mark.
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Computer Sciences & IT
Gurudissertation assisted me with topic selection. They provided a list of excellent research ideas, and one in particular pushed me to apply for doctorate.
Writer #392508
Environmental Studies
Great selection of sources, tuned with one another creating an easy to follow narrative. Solid academic writing. Accurate referencing. Great job on the lit review!
Writer #448276
Helped with quant analysis, used NVivo. 100% accurate. Excellent expertise, high five!
Writer #389634
Engineering & Construction looked like the best of all dissertation writing services I googled. I started with one chapter of a lit review, it was done well so I ordered more.
Writer #312578
English, Literature & Philology
My concern was supervisor’s feedback, he always has like 10000 improvement suggestions. were happy to edit the chapter after super’s review. Cool service!
Writer #497559
We have been chosen by 700+ graduates since 2016.

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Is legit? is a verified, legitimate dissertation writing service for master's and doctoral students. Established in 2015, we have extended and enhanced our offerings to enable the provision of high-quality personalized support for dissertation work of any kind. Our team features over 270 full-time native speakers with Ph. D.s in your subject area, covering a wide range of subjects and managing postgraduate-level research of varying complexities. Our service assures quick approval of your dissertation from the very first submission, as evidenced by the positive feedback we consistently receive from our happy customers.

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Without a doubt. As the best dissertation writing service with over 8 years of successful operation, has gathered top-class writing talent across various knowledge fields and developed efficient, user-friendly processes for quick and safe dissertation assistance. We continuously enhance our services and team’s expertise through innovative training, staying informed about current research trends, new solutions in data analysis, and useful technologies. Our dissertation service prioritizes customer needs and closely monitors their feedback, using it to further improve existing offerings and fix areas of improvement.

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Of course! You don’t have to be alone on your research journey. At the heart of our online dissertation writing service are dedicated specialists, academic consultants, and professional staff who work side-by-side with customers, paving their way to academic success. Our service knows how complicated dissertation writing is. We know how to help you get started with dissertation writing and support you on the way. And we know how to deliver a dissertation that is fast-tracked for approval! So, is worth it? 100%!