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Order Dissertation Editing Services at a Professional Editing Company

You’ve spent a long time developing your dissertation proposal, researching sources, outlining it, crafting the first draft, revisiting the draft, talking to your instructor and doing all the other things that are related to a dissertation. And at some point you suddenly feel stuck. It seemed that you were working in the right direction. However, now you look at it and everything seems wrong…

First of all, don’t worry. It’s mostly the stress taking you over. Secondly, there is no need to delete all files and start all over again. The thing you should do right now is hire a professional dissertation editor to take care of your project.

What can a professional dissertation editor do?

Imagine having a consultant who would evaluate your paper from many aspects and then gives recommendations on how to improve it. But, unlike what most consultants do, this one proceeds to making the improvements himself. Isn’t it awesome? That’s exactly how dissertation editing services work. You upload your writing and one of our specialists:

  • Checks whether the general writing flow meets the purpose of your research
  • Improves organization if a different order of parts could improve the quality of content
  • Changes wordings to convey the message better
  • Removes the parts that don’t contribute value and might cloud the meaning
  • Clarifies ambiguities
  • Eliminates wordiness
  • Makes sure the point is straight and clear

Don’t confuse editing with copyediting or proofreading. While the latter two are essentially the same thing, they always come after editing and require much less work. (We could help you with proofreading, too, you only have to say the word!)

Generally, a professional editing company can help fix the following problems with your paper:

  • The outline does not match the purpose
  • Your arguments are not persuasive enough
  • You feel that your point might not be clear for the reader
  • You tend to use too much Passive voice or other undesired grammar constructions that cloud the meaning of sentences and paragraphs
  • The organization of your arguments could be much more logical
  • You struggle putting all your thoughts into elegant words

This is only a short list. Think of dissertation editing as making clothes out of beautiful fabric. It’s already there, you only need to cut and sew.

How to hire one of our professional dissertation editors?

If all we have described sounds like something you could use, then we’ll be happy to help you. To get one of our professional dissertation editors do their editing magic, you only need to upload your draft and specify the details. Once you do it:

  1. We will find an editor whose qualifications match your needs
  2. The editor will confirm taking your order and commit to finish it on time
  3. The editing process will start

If you want to make sure your paper is all ready for submission after our help, we recommend ordering editing, proofreading, and formatting.

The guarantees we give to clients

To make sure you are satisfied with the service provided, we have developed and introduced the following guarantees:


If the deadline is close and you feel you might not be able to do it on time, leave it to us! We work fast and always deliver on time.


Give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer all questions you might have regarding your order, writer or our company in general.


We not only protect personal information of our clients but also use reliable payment systems to prevent financial fraud.


Hiring editors with the best qualifications and vast experience, we can guarantee high-quality service to each and every customer.

A few words about prices

Admittedly, all dissertation-related services are rather costly. However, ordering editing is a way to save. You don’t have to pay for services you don’t need! And what is even better, we have discounts for you. You can benefit from the following:

  • First-order discount. First time customers are always welcome to enjoy a rebate
  • Referral discount. Once you refer a friend, you get credits for future purchases (sort of like affiliate marketing works)
  • Seasonal promotions. Whenever it’s a special occasion, we like treating our customers to deals and discounts.

One more thing you should know. There are places where the prices are lower, but there are no companies with better quality. This makes the perfect choice for all your dissertation related needs.

Want to take it up a notch? Order your proposal or one of the chapters, or even go the full distance and have your entire paper written by one of our writers! Whatever it is you need to get your degree without sacrificing your life and career – we’ll cater for it!